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Monday, July 27, 2015

Then and Now: Arriving at Ecology Crossroads Today

Agenda 21 - Earth Summit
I decided to publish some of my thoughts and ideals so that others can understand me better, understand my views, and know a little more about my philosophy. Also to clear my mind of potential questions others may soon ask about me, or try to form of me. I plan to try to publish to this blog once every week or so, so this site will be maintained.

Founding Ecology Crossroads

I created Ecology Crossroads​ in 1994 with the vision of establishing it as an institution capable of helping people and society cope, change and adapt to the impending changes faced by the global civilization based on commitments and obligations made by 178 nations only two years previously at the Earth Summit​ with the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development​. Then and now I believe the only way to preserve humanity is to limit it from consuming and desecrating the world's natural ecologies, this has become my life's work and the work of many others working among 20 new career fields that did not exist 20 years ago.

Our purpose with the organization was clear, "to save the earth and preserve its natural resources." The purveyors of the world-wide Earth Summit agreement demonstrated great commitment to implementation of the global plan as well, with hundreds (thousands worldwide) of new institutions and organizations dedicated to preservation of natural resources, ecological balance, reducing population growth and making the world sustainable once again.

If you have read the Rio Declaration and agree that something must be done to better preserve the planet for future generations, then you must agree with the steps we as the living generation must take to arrive there. Forget about all the conspiracy promotions about Agenda 21, the sustainable development programs were first adopted by states then by cities; personally I believe these cities which have adopted programs will more resemble countries within a few years.

In 1993 I helped organize the welcome of the Rio Declaration to the United States in an event entitled "From Rio to the Capitols: State Strategies for Sustainable Development" in Louisville, Kentucky. Al Gore as Vice-President and Carolyn Browner as Secretary of the EPA greeted several thousand with the government promoted ideal. Now in 2012, 180 states re-affirmed their re-commitments to the Rio Declaration which is also known as Agenda 21.

I will not say if I fully agree with all of the United States or some local metro areas relative to their implementation of sustainable policies and practice, its not necessarily our business to become involved or defend personal justice or the US Constitution, that is the business of those affected. As far as I see it as a plan and goal for a sustainable world it is still a very good plan, more attainable now thanks to Internet, now we just need for others to check into a global citizen perspective and create some transparent balance.

New World Order

Contrary to popular belief Agenda 21 is not something people can vote on or make option of, the states that originally ratified the Declaration entered an agreement with honor and made consent, it not like one country or another can weasel out of the deal. Some people believe that when the countries signed the agreement that we began the development of a New World Order, that may be so but they were not counting on computers at that time and the Internet entrepreneurs of the world controlling more financial assets than all the governments of the world combined.

If a New World Order does emerge it will be one controlled by the people using the Internet, it will be one that uses digital currency instead of paper money, knows your name, and raises your standard of living. It will be one that treats everyone equally, fairly and creates employment. It will be one that provides limitless education and truth to those who seek it, the New World Order if there is one is Google, Facebook, Microsoft and 5000 other tech companies that have come to dominate the world, and the Fortune 500 of course.

A Change of Perspective

At the time there was no public Internet, smartphones or email and BBS were the limits of technology, all societies were still relatively isolated through their respective states. Some states with great fear of technology and change have resisted capacitance of their populations while other states with greater freedoms that believe in democracy embraced the change created by the Internet. We may even call the Internet part of our natural evolution.

The highest laws in the world are
 those of admiralty and maritime law.
With the Internet also came a great and profound exchange of culture and human perspectives relative to discrimination and equality among the people of the world. Those in the know (those with Internet) have become those in control of local societies and the delivery of information on a local level. In some countries controls over who uses and how much education is provided have become dirty secrets to keep the people understanding a limited nationalist perspective. Many of the most educated people in society depend on being the go-to-person and use the Internet and their knowledge to achieve this status.

Now I have come to understand how the international admiralty and maritime law will come to dominate everyone someday once the states reduce their utility and use of human capital, people will begin to take more control of themselves on-line, without their state.

Overcome Austerity to Embrace Technology

The people of the world need to see what the Internet is, use it and master it so they can participate equally in global social change, otherwise they will become the victims of those who control it or represent them on it. Many states restrict its use by not officiating or validating technology and making prolific state sponsored on line training available in fear of losing local jobs and permitting their power to erode as they become less significant as the corrupt bureaucrats that they are. They want to keep the 'good old boys' network in place, politically controlled news sources printing propagandist media, riddled by corruption and nepotism, but they cannot stop it, the Internet will take over and soon.

It is very clear to me that within the next several years unless there is a change toward support for e-government and common global political understanding, many governments worldwide will be left without a purpose as entrepreneurs slowly take over networks and resource infrastructures being claimed and adapted on-line to control global resources. These networks under universal standards are removing all doubt and making the need of government overseers unnecessary.

Personally I believe that governments will work in place of simply maintaining the "Rule of Law" on a global scale until the same model and example rules (combination of laws and business systems) dominate the planet.

In the very near future it will become impractical and unfeasible to perform or practice any business without being on-line as a business and as an individual. To be solvent and 'normal' in a world based on digital money you will need a good smartphone, an email account, and know how to use them.

Using Achievements to Remodel Change

When I began the organization I knew I had developed something that was destined to make sense to the masses someday, the organization was created before it's time, but nonetheless the programs I operated and developed were magnificent programs that distributed over 10,000,000 trees across North America between 1990-2002 until the Internet eventually done us in as well with the domination of eBay and other sites where people could get tree seedlings inexpensively from hundreds of other people.

In 2013 we began to reinstate our organization so we could adopt Globcal International as a project development of the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation by adapting its perspective to emulate the original purposes involving sustainable development, eco-conscious attitudes, and more now by adding international human rights and world issues to our missions.

What makes Globcal International so special and unique is that it is a grassroots social media based organization and originated development that has come to manifest as an independent entity with offshore jurisdiction. Our formation is finally located in Central America, we are legally capable of receiving contributions as a foundation and engaging in free overseas commerce and trade with individuals and corporations from all nations except with the people of Belize. (For Belizeans to participate in our project developments they must become members through our Ambassador in the United States who is a Belizean American.)

Under our offshore status independent members who are duly sworn representatives may be extended these exemptions and offshore privileges to promote our international activities in states through forming chapter developments of Globcal International particularly on-line without being subject to tax from their own jurisdictions, governments or states. California is the easiest place to set-up a chapter office and only requires setting up an unincorporated association and a patronage to our formation in Belize.

Arriving at the Crossroads

Setting-up Globcal International allowed Ecology Crossroads to catch-up where technology overwhelmed us to come back to the top with the technological know-how and yesterday's moral ethics which today are considered diplomatic protocol of the age are mostly unknown to the upstart companies of today. You had to be doing business in the late 80s and early 90s to understand this, right before the Internet.

Now we have returned and have come back to the crossroads only this time we have other new decisions to make relative to mankind's limitations and those who own the last of the world's remaining resources. It is time to decide if all people should be allowed to use and benefit from a technology and Internet defined resource infrastructure so they can compete and become as informed and knowledgeable.

I can clearly see that if people do not take up legal residence on the Internet and become part of the global resource defined infrastructure being developed invisibly with code then they will not have a home, a voice, or control over their own destiny, they will simply be included under current corrupt mismanaged bureaucracies along with their resources, labor and existence. Today and in the near future the less connected we are to the Internet the less likely we are to be known or recognized at all in the civil world.

I encourage others to take up in our movement for locally managed sustainable communities connected and defined on-line, engaged in our global citizenship ideal. We encourage others to join us as representative ambassadors to become the messenger of programs and developments that promote educational capacitation and knowledge through the establishment of model ecologically sustainable human settlements and societal programs.

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